F1 Season 2009

F1 Season 2009

Follow the Formula 1 season on your Palm


  • Lots of stats about course, drivers and teams
  • Well presented
  • Editable race information


  • No photos
  • Some key data missing

Very good

There's so much to love about Formula 1 - the pulsating starts, the perilous overtaking maneuvers, the tactical pit stops, and of course the bikini-clad beauties at the start.

If you're a fan of the motorsport and want to follow the season's thrills and spills on your Palm then you really shouldn't be without F1 Season 2009. The program contains a wealth of information about the calendar, courses, tracks, drivers and teams.

The menu structure in F1 Season 2009 is clear and simple, and from the home screen you're given the option of choosing from the five aforementioned categories. The 'Championship' section provides a ranking of the top drivers for the season, which is updated as the season goes on.

The 'Calendar' menu gives you a run-down of the order and dates of the races, providing you with details of each course, such as the circuit length, web address, lap record, plus a basic illustrated map of the course. You also get the facility for entering the final positions of the drivers in each race. F1 Season 2009 is updated after each race but you'll need to download the updated program file every time.

Clicking the 'Drivers' menu option in F1 Season 2009 gives you a list of all this year's drivers and even test drivers, containing info on them about date of birth, nationality, height, weight, number of races/podium finishes etc. For some reason it doesn't show you how many Grand Prix wins they have, and it would've also been nice to see photographs of the drivers.

Likewise, the 'Cars' and 'Teams' section in F1 Season 2009 also doesn't have an option for viewing photos of the vehicles, which I found was a key omission.

Despite the lack of photography, F1 Season 2009 is chock-full of stats and makes for an ideal companion to the motorsport season.

Correction in results GP Abu Dhabi: Kobayashi 6th Jenson Button World Champion!


  • Correction in results GP Abu Dhabi: Kobayashi 6th Jenson Button World Champion!
F1 Season 2009


F1 Season 2009

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